Zheng Kai International Marathon March 2017 highlights

Zheng Kai International Marathon March 2017 highlights

Mar 26, 2017

On March 26, 2017, the Zheng Kai International Marathon took place in the Zhengdong New District of Zhengzhou city. This is the 7th year such event has taken place, and it has attracted nearly 50,000 marathon lovers from around the world alongside locals. Xinlian college students were actively involved in all aspects of the tournament’s events and organizational work.

Volunteers from Xinlian college helped distribute athletes’ gear and equipment, assisted referees and helped with both translation and guidance for international participants.

The Xinlian College “Orange Legion” student media group was also present to record and broadcast the event through multiple channels. Wang Yu, a longtime participating member and a student studying media, communications and broadcasting said that in order to better complete their own interview tasks, her team did a lot of preparation work. From the interview design to the media column writeup, as well as distribution structure through social media channels such as WeChat, Wang Yu and her team was able to fully capture major highlights throughout the day.

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