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Algonquin college presents collaborative study program at Xinlian College

On March 29th, Mr. Wang Zhong, Director of International Business Center from Algonquin college Canada alongside Mr. Ernest, Director of International Education came to Xinlian college to present the 3+1 International Cooperation and Exchange program. Mr. Ernest gave a detailed introduction to the culture and learning environment of the Algonquin college campus. In the process… Read more »

Zheng Kai International Marathon March 2017 highlights

On March 26, 2017, the Zheng Kai International Marathon took place in the Zhengdong New District of Zhengzhou city. This is the 7th year such event has taken place, and it has attracted nearly 50,000 marathon lovers from around the world alongside locals. Xinlian college students were actively involved in all aspects of the tournament’s… Read more »

China Scholarship Council and US Embassy hosts the Fulbright scholarship seminar at Xinlian College

On March 23, 2017, the China Scholarship Council, Mr. Harvey, and US Embassy Officer, Ms. Cai Hong, as well as Director of the International Department of Henan Provincial Department of Education and his entourage visited Xinlian College to deliver a seminar towards scholarships for future talents. This was the first time that the Confucius Institute… Read more »

Recent Provincial and National Strategic Planning towards International Education

With a recent series of national strategic planning and platform towards central provinces in China, the province of Henan has been marked as in urgent need of higher-education not from local sources, but from international resources. Published in early March of 2017, the provincial government of Henan province proclaimed that: “In the near future, the… Read more »

Xinlian College hosts the 2017 New Year welcoming party

On December 22nd and 28th of 2016, Xinlian College hosted the “2017 My New Dream” New Year’s party. From dances to singing, performers from the college’s performance arts department brought students and teachers a variety of shows such as the “celebration of joy” and opened with modern violin performances that later led to classical cultural… Read more »

Jinming Primary School Students visit Xinlian College

On January 19, more than 30 honour students from the local Jinming Primary School in Kaifeng City visited Xinlian College of Henan Normal University. Guided by Vice-President Mr. Yu Genjie from the department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Students toured the “Science and Technology Park” and were introduced to the new CNC machineries, 3D printing,… Read more »

Xinlian College hosts the 2016 Lunar New Year welcoming celebration!

December 30th 2015, Xinlian school and faculty of Business hosted the annual Lunar New Year Celebration performance. Staff, and hundreds of teachers and students attended alongside visitors from delegations and the ministry. Performances included local singers from all parts of the province, Erhu instrument performances, Mongolian and ethnic folk dances, dinner banquet performances, Yang Jinkai… Read more »

Toronto Humber College Visits Xinlian College in December 2016

On December 6th, the Head of the International Department of Humber College of Canada and the Dean of Humanities and Director of the English Language Center visited Xinlian College. Vice-Chancellor Zhang Leishun welcomed the arrival of the delegation on behalf of Xinlian College. The delegation visited the school as well as the new technology innovations… Read more »

Holland college visits Xinlian College in November 2016

On November 29th, the delegation led by Ms. Chen Yuling, head of the international cooperation and exchange of the Dutch College of the Netherlands, came to visit Xinlian College. Zhang Jiantao, Vice President of the New Union College and Vice President Zhang Lifing met with the delegation. Zhang Jiantao on behalf of the school delegation… Read more »

New students participate in 2016 Zheng Kai Marathon as volunteers and supporters

On March 27, 2016, the China Zhengkai International Marathon races in Zhengdong District consisted of 49,000 marathon viewers and participants from all over the world. More than 600 stduents and volunteers from Xinlian College were present in the event. This is the sixth consecutive year for the Zheng Kai Marathon. The new association of college… Read more »

Xinlian College wins at the 16th Zhengzhou singing competition

On December 30th, 2016, the Zhengzhou People’s Broadcasting Station and the Zhengzhou Institute of Science and Technology hosted the 16th broadcasting and singing contest in the Zhengzhou Institute of Science and Technology Concert Hall, Xinlian college won the “Best Organization Award”, with Gao Huihui winning the Excellence Award for the school. In the contest, competitors… Read more »

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