Why International

Why International?

1. Environment Advantage

From the perspective of a futuristic globalized economy, China and its neighbors not only consist of more than half of the global population, but also has one of the most diverse economies in the world. With the rapid development of the knowledge based economy in this region, the quality and level of education has improved extremely quickly and is in need of new levels of knowledge in the information age to embrace the new century.

“Confucian Cultural ideals and philosophy consists of major aspirations towards obtaining advanced knowledge and wisdom, and has formed centuries of fine tradition towards heavy admiration and respect towards teachers and life-long education”.

Furthermore, the national government regard education development as a major stepping stone towards improving the future development of the nation. The recent motto of the government is to setup major improvement plans that involves huge funding towards transformations on a national level towards better knowledge for its citizens. The long-term goal is to support, cultivate, and educate its population of 1.4 billion into the greatest country with the greatest talents.

“At the present, there are currently only 9 internationally prestigious branches of international universities that have been built or is being built in China”.

These include Nottingham University, Liverpool University, New York University, Duke University, Kean University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, the Israel Institute of Technology, and Moscow State University.

2. Developmental Advantage

With China’s economic and social development showing a growing trend of development day after day through deeper reforms and newer open policies, the country’s economic strength, scientific and technological potential, and international influence is bound to reach a new level. In 2015, China’s economy continued to rank the second in the world, becoming the world’s top commodity trading power and a major power of overseas investment. The country’s structural adjustment has made significant progress, the service industry has become the largest industry in the country, industrialization and information integration deepens, agricultural comprehensive production capacity has increased significantly, consumption has become the main force to support economic growth. Infrastructure has grown exponentially, highway mileage exceeds 120,000 km, railway mileage goes up to 121,000 km, of which over 19,000 km is high-speed railways, accounting for 60% of the world’s high-speed railway. There are over 680 million mobile Internet users and 1.3 billion mobile phone users in the country. The world’s largest fourth-generation mobile communication network has been fully completed with 390 million users of the 4G network. In China, technological innovation has achieved major breakthroughs as well, Quantum communication, neutrino oscillation, high-temperature iron-based superconductivity and other basic research have obtained a number of achievements. Manned spaceflight, lunar exploration project and deep-sea exploration project have reached new levels on the world stage. The basic pension insurance rate has covered more than 80% of the population. According to the data released by International Monetary Fund, the Chinese economic contribution to the global economy growth remains at 25%, becoming an important driving force of global economic growth.

The complete industrial system and convenient infrastructure provide a rich material foundation for the development of China. With a population of 1.3 billion, a labor force of 900 million, and 70 million market entities, all these have offered huge market demand for the future development of China. Traffic and information infrastructure (such as China Unicom), development of China’s economic and social cause, construction and development of facilities, improvement of allocation efficiency, use of the cross-region advantages and broad regional development space are all factors that led to China’s fast development. As well, improvement of the quality of laborers and the central government’s gradual transition to maintenance on a macro-level provided a solid vision towards the objectives for China’s economic and social development that will be sustainable and rapid.

At the beginning of 2016, the Chinese government made it clear that the main objectives of the economic and social development in the next five years are: to maintain high and medium-speed economic growth in the next five years; 2020’s GDP and per capita income of urban and rural residents will be doubled in comparison with those of 2010; upgrade production level; speed up agricultural modernization, industrialization and information technology; improve the integration of advanced manufacturing and strategic emerging industries; greatly develop new industries and new models; the proportion of service industries grows continuously; improve innovation-driven development; deepen the integration of science, technology and economy; become one of the innovative countries with the best talents; deepen and broadening relations while adopting an open policy; continuously enhance global allocation of resources; improve people’s living standards and quality; improve moral and civil standards of the people and the degree of social awareness; promote overall ecological balance and quality; and basically set up an open-ended economic system.

“There is no doubt that China’s development advantages on a global scale will not only push for the building high-level universities, but to also provide a broad space of support for the construction and development of this new innovative education system.”

3. Regional Advantage

Located in the central part of China, Henan province is on the alluvial plain of the Yellow River. In the ancient times, it was named as “Zhongzhou” or “Zhongyuan”, an area boasting a lot of resources. Henan was a place of strategic importance and it was said that the one who could conquer Zhongyuan would conquer all of China.

In the contemporary era, economic and social developments of Henan are comprehensive. As a result,its total output value ranks the fifth among 32 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in the mainland of China. In 2015, the province’s GDP was 3.701 trillion yuan, (according to the exchange rate in the same period, it was approximately 786.5 billion Canadian dollars). The industrial added value reached 1.6 trillion yuan, the general public budget revenue reached 300.96 billion yuan; domestic and foreign currency deposits in financial institutions amounted to 4.8 trillion yuan, and grain output reached 60.65 billion kilograms.

Henan Province is not only China’s major grain production province and a new industrializing province, but also the transportation center of aviation, railway and highway. It is also an international logistics and international intelligent terminal manufacturing base. Covering a highway mileage of 6,305 kilometers, roads are leading in all directions in Henan provinces, just as the saying goes, “The roads in Henan activate roads in China”. Railway covers 5,118 kilometers, including 865 kilometers high speed railway and the railway network in the shape of Union Jack begins to take shape. Being one of the eight biggest aviation centers in China, Xinzheng International Airport handled 17.3 million passengers and over 400,000 tons of cargo in 2015. Henan is also one of China’s top ten communication network centers and the 4G signal has covered even remote areas. At the same time, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Luoyang are the pivots of Eurasia Land Bridge.

Convenient traffic is bound to bring huge streams of people, logistics and capital flow. In the past five years, the total export-import volume of Henan reached USD 73.84 billion, the actual use of foreign investment reached USD 66.1 billion and the funds coming from other provinces reached more than 3 trillion yuan. There are 84 foreign enterprises amongst the world’s top-500 and 156 domestic top-500 enterprises in Henan province. With the joint development of the central plain’s urban integration, the city group including Zhengzhou and Kaifeng will become the fourth largest one in China.

In China, the central and western regions with Henan as the representative have shown superiority in terms of speed and quality of economic development compared with other parts of China. Governments at all levels clearly and firmly believe that building world class high level university to maintain sound and rapid development of the local economy and society is an important strategy. Meanwhile, Henan’s economic strength, social development level and superior traffic advantages are also providing strong supports and convenient conditions for the construction of a world-class university campus.

zhengzhou rail airport highways

4. Cultural Advantage

“The middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, represented by Henan Province, is the birthplace of Chinese nation, civilization and Confucian culture”.

Eight ancient capital cities formed during the 5,000-year history of Chinese civilization, including Kaifeng, Luoyang and Anyang in Henan Province. It is a land of historical sites and famous ancient scholars. Cultural heritages here include: Shaolin Martial Arts, Wenxian County’s Taiji Boxing, Yin Ruin’s Oracle-Bone Inscriptions, Shang Yin’s Eight Diagrams and Hetu Luoshuo (an ancient Chinese mythological fiction). Great thinkers, writers, politicians and scientists from Henan Province appeared ceaselessly and they have great influences on Chinese civilization.

Among the four major ancient civilizations, Chinese civilization is the only one that has survived. The Central Plain culture, formed and developed in Henan Province, is the core and representative. So far, Chinese culture represented by the Central Plain culture offers Chinese ideas and models whose unique method and profound thought are useful to solve numerous problems faced by human beings around the world. In the contemporary era, Henan province still shoulders the responsibility to carry on Chinese Culture.

A Chinese saying goes like this: “A city of Kaifeng is a half history of China”.

As the capital for eight dynasties, Kaifeng’s prosperity and richness is particularly reflected in the book Beautiful Dream Tokyo and shown in the famous painting Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival. About 1,000 years ago, as the capital of the Song Dynasty, Kaifeng had more than 1.5 million permanent residents. In this city there were many tourists, merchants and cultural ambassadors from all parts of the world, which made it the biggest city and center of the world. During the Song Dynasty, China’s economy, culture, scientific and technological level were advanced in the world. The heyday of Maritime Silk Road, invention of printing, gunpowder and compass, successful development of astronomical clock tower, leap-over development of Confucian thoughts and theories, all these are representative products in that era, which embodied the advanced level of Chinese science and culture development a thousand years ago. Today, Kaifeng’s people are committed to the building of an international tourist and cultural city. This ancient city, just like the Iron Pagoda standing-up for a thousand years, remains its elegance through the vicissitudes.

The long history and contemporary innovative development of Henan Province has not only attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world to explore wonders here, but also provided abundant cultural resources for the building and development of a high-level university.

kaifeng historical park

5. Cooperative Advantages

The principal elements to consider selecting the partnering university will be based upon standing performance and international prestige, talent cultivation, scientific research and other aspects. Broad disciplines as well as practical educational philosophy provide possibility and potential for joint university partnership and operation.

Henan Zhuoyue Education Group established Xinlian College as a first milestone towards modernizing China’s education, and has achieved good results and is widely recognized and praised by students, government and society. With the cooperation of high-level universities around the world, the establishment of an independent university in Kaifeng, China, is the desire of the group for many years and has carried out solid and effective preparations for this work. Ultimately, the group has selected Kaifeng as the city for the campus. The construction of the new campus of 1,170 mu (8-million squarefeet) of land has been approved by the government of Kaifeng as a part of the development plan of the city.

It is necessary to point out that China has a large population and land resources are very scarce in the central region. It is not easy to obtain such a scale of construction site under the current land control policy of the Chinese government.

“Zhuoyue Education Group has the strength and sincerity alongside strong belief and support of Henan provincial government and the municipal government for the establishment of a high-level cooperative university”.