Values and Benefits

Significance, Value, and Social Impact of international education

With increasing globalization of higher education, the cooperation of joint university between Henan Zhuoyue Education Group and the partner University will have positive effects for both sides.

1.Benefits of Globalized Education

It would be a big step for both schools if we establish a joint-campus in China. At present, New York University has opened 15 joint universities around the world, and University of Nottingham has campuses in Malaysia and Ningbo. In recent four years, the number of Sino-foreign universities in China has increased from 1 to 9. It shows that the trend of international famous universities establishing joint universities abroad is speeding up. It also suggests that the timing and the environment are suitable to set up campuses in China.

2. Benefits to the growth of local and partnering Schools

Setting up a campus in China means the increase of numbers of campuses, teachers and students of the partnering University. The scale and the influence of the school will expand rapidly in the heart of China. Establishing a campus in a country that is open and develops rapidly will not only provide a large number of new platforms and research subjects, but also offer more opportunities for the application of research achievements. Thus, it is beneficial to the internationalization of scientific research, commercialization of the research achievements, improvement of the school’s academic level, and promotion of its international reputation.

3. Internationalized talents for the globalized diverse economy

The school aims to cultivate global citizens that are not only familiar with both western and eastern cultures, but also proficient in the use of Chinese and English. After graduation, the students are supposed to have such abilities like independent thinking, innovation, team spirit and international vision. It is planned that majority the enrolled students will be from China, with additional students coming from all parts of the world.

4. Beneficial to Governmental and Regional Collaborative Insights, Exchange and Cooperation

The establishment of the international school, further cooperation between the two schools and especially between teachers and students will increase, hence enhancing exchanges between the two countries as well. The university will also become a platform for human resource, economic, cultural and scientific cooperation between China and other countries. It is necessary to point out that the campus will be in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, which is a big agricultural province with a large population.