Development and Planning

Campus Infrastructure and development planning

1. Scope of Construction

The new international campus for the joint-operated University in Kaifeng will cover an area of roughly 780,000 squaremetres (8-million squarefeet). Based on a rough estimate of around 10,000 students, the average area for each student is about 78 squaremetres (800 squarefeet). The construction area index will be higher than the national standard of China and not lower than the standard of the partnering University’s main campus.

The facilities and rooms will consist of: classrooms, laboratories, library, conference centers, center of international academic exchange, sports venues, offices, lecture halls, dining halls, teachers’ apartments, students’ dormitories and rooms for logistic service.

2. Design concepts, Construction, and Architecture

In terms of architect to be selected for the construction of the campus, we either select Mr. He Jingtang, the academician who designed the China Hall of Shanghai World Expo, or another design master recommended by the partnering University and agreed upon by Henan Zhuoyue Education Group to be responsible for the general planning and architectural design of the campus.

The general planning of the campus will be determined after discussion between the two schools. It is proposed that the planning shall combine characteristics of both schools and Kaifeng city, in an attempt to sufficiently reflect the spirit of universities and city. The core concept of “New Style of the Song Dynasty” and “European and American Style” can be combined to promote international characteristics, local features, with culture and contemporary spirit mixed into the new campus.

college building style

International University Campus to inherit traits from both Asian and Western architecture styles