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International Vision

In 2016, in order to meet the requirements of economic construction and social development, the Henan provincial government of central China wanted to develop higher and better international education for the region. It was clear that a high-level university with legal qualifications can be co-built and setup by both the local school and International school as soon as possible, urgency and demand for advanced international knowledge is very high.

Henan Zhuoyue Education Group (Founder of Xinlian College) hopes to collaborate and partner with a world renowned University for the establishment of a joint International campus in Kaifeng, Henan Province, China in order to provide the urgent need of an internationalized education that is of high quality, in-demand, practical, and easy to access for locals as China steps into a new century in the global economy.

“Education should be oriented to modernization, to the world, and to the future.”

city of kaifeng henan campus locationFrom new practices to education delivery, the current operations at Xinlian college is a first step towards internationalization. It is within the hopes of Zhuoyue education group and the founders that a more enhanced model of collaboration can be achieved by partnering with the modern top 200 universities of the world. In order to realize this great venture, Zhuoyue education group and Xinlian has acquired 1,170 Chinese mu (around 195 acres) of land in the suburbs of Kaifeng city for the establishment of a Kaifeng International University, it would be one of the first Higher educational institutes to be established that will be recognized both regionally in Henan Province, China, and internationally.

Xinlian College thus far have signed MOU Agreements, and/or LOI with Iowa State University (USA), University of West Los Angeles (USA), Niagara College (CA), Humber College (CA), Algonquin College (CA), Douglas College (CA), City University of Science and Technology (Malaysia) and more. The intention is to bring in advanced global knowledge, training and education to the local region that will enhance educational exchange and benefit both sides. For this purpose, Xinlian has already set up the exchange mechanisms and models for both teachers and students whom will embrace these new ventures.

About Kaifeng City

Kaifeng city is a prefecture-level city with an ancient past, it used to be called Bianliang and was the capital of the Song Dynasty. Located at the east side of Henan Province central China, along the southern bank of the Yellow River bordering Zhengzhou city to the west, the city has four distinctive seasons with an average annual temperature of 14.4°C, average annual rainfall of 640.9 ㎜, annual frost-free period of 220 days, and annual sunshine time of 2,400 hours making it one of the most ideal locations to live at. Due to its geographical central location, the city is also one of the 8 ancient capitals in Chinese history and one of the best tourism cities in China.

Kaifeng is also very close a number of expressways and high-speed railways that crosses through the area. It takes only 30 minutes to reach Zhengzhou Airport, and about 20 minutes to reach the Zhengzhou High-speed Railway Station by car. With convenient transportation and surrounding public facilities, the new international campus will be accessible to a large number of local populace as well of those traveling to and from the city, making commute hassle free.
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