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Alumni and Graduates

Graduates from Xinlian performed very well on various screening tests like teacher-enrolment, public servants recruitment, graduates selection, college-graduate ambassadors, volunteers for Western-region Service Plans and more, the current employment rate of Xinlian graduates is at 95%, but we strive for it to be even better with international collaboration.

Cultivating Talents

In order to keep pace with the global knowledge economy, and to promote inheritance of entrepreneurship and innovation for students, the college and the Henan Committee of Zhigong Party together established the “Zhigong•Xinlian Innovative Science and Technology Park” that consists of 27, 300 ㎡ (300,000 SQFT) of construction area and consists of solid infrastructures and platforms for innovation and entrepreneurship, alongside building of the Entrepreneurship Innovation Workshop, and the College Business and Services Park that promotes new ideas and thought. With these new foundations, Xinlian has won Gold Cups of Henan Undergraduates’ Scientific Innovation Competitions, the Gold Cup for the “Innovation Challenge Cup” of Henan Undergraduates’ Extra-curricular Academic Works, the special award of Henan “Youth Making” Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Contest, 1st prize of “Henan Science & Technology Art Festival”, 1st prize of Henan “Gold Cup for Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Contest”, and more.

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As a result, a variety of 90 societies and associations were formed by students of Xinlian that focuses on academics, sciences, environment protection, physics, fine-arts, music, and social wellness. All these societies allowed students to work together, interact, self-educate, manage trial projects that mimics the real-world while achieving personal growth. These societies also sparked additional titles the college has won for 5 years straight, they are the “Volunteer of excellence award” for Zhengzhou–Kaifeng Marathon race, and the “Cooperative excellence of partnership” for the race in 2016, the “Social Practice award” in the three-country side, “Excellent of service awards”, “Best Organizer Award”, and the “Campus Voice” singing contest at Henan Finals.

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