Message from our Chair

A Message from our Chair – Ms. Li Xiangzhi

“Focus on one true vision, and do it well!”

About the Chair of Xinlian College

Ms. Li Xiangzhi was born in 1963 at Yuzhou City of Henan Province. Her life goal and dream is to enhance the future of education in China.

xinlian college chair ms lixiangzhiHer one firm belief in life has been to “focus on one’s true vision, and do it well – Education”. She has made outstanding contributions towards the development of education in Henan Province for over 23 years and is widely recognized for her ingenuity and aspiration. It was under this vision that Xinlian College was born, the school has become one of the most influential institutions of higher education in Henan Province and has won many honors throughout the region such as “College of Educational Excellence award”, “Top-10 Influential Education institutions of Central China”, and “Top-10 well-known post-secondary schools in Henan with a private funding model”.

With the pursuit of her vision, contribution to society and helping people in need, Ms. Li Xiangzhi lives a life with no regrets. She not only love the cause of education as it has intrinsic value towards individuals’ lives, but has also been charitable towards its further development. Recently, she donated $8.1 million Yuan to help students in the region that had financial troubles.

“It is my sincere hope and dream that education can become the driving force for the future of China where international knowledge can both inspire and shape the talents of tomorrow, afterall, human potential is limitless with the right environment to nurture it!”
~Ms. Li Xiangzhi

Titles and Honors

  • Chair of the Henan Excellence Education Group
  • Chair of Henan Normal University Xinlian college
  • Member of the Henan province CPPCC
  • director of the Henan provincial party committee for social development
  • Chair of the Henan province Committee of New Union Colleges
  • Vice president of the community colleges education association
  • Vice president of Zhengzhou Charity Federation