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Historical Background

Xinlian College of Henan Normal University formally became an independent college under new education legislation that came into effect in 2008. The Ministry of Education in China at the time approved new open regulations that allowed colleges operating under Universities to have its own independent operations in order to encourage open education models that were not possible in the past. On August 2008, Henan Normal University formally signed to have Xinlian College be run jointly by the Chair person, board of directors (or council), and Henan university itself, marking a new model of operations.

College re-arrangements and transitions took place between 2009 – 2013 where the college underwent major re-development from both infrastructure to new models of teaching that were agile and flexible in a changing environment. During this time, new directors and appointees were also assigned, alongside a new 5 year plan for the “Centennial College Schema” that focused on “Bridging New Knowledge” for a new century between the years of 2014 – 2020.

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Education Legislation and Recent Developments in China

China has one of the most diverse economies in the world. With the rapid development of the knowledge based economy and service industry, the quality and level of education has improved extremely quickly and is in need of new levels of knowledge in the information age. One of the main principles of Confucian Cultural ideals and philosophy consists of major aspirations towards obtaining advanced knowledge and wisdom. It has profound intrinsic value towards ones lives and can lift those in poverty into prosperity.

The recent governmental improvement plans involves huge funding towards transformations of education on a national level. The long-term goal is to support, cultivate, and educate its population of 1.4 billion into the greatest country with the greatest talents.

“Other than countries such as Japan, the quality of higher advanced education in China alongside its surrounding neighboring countries is comparatively poor or even deficient and behind.”

The social development of China and its surrounding countries is asking for better education, better talents, and better educated populace. The whole Asia region including China desires better higher education resources unprecedentedly, which therefore laid a solid and profound foundation and plans for the construction and development of high-end Universities in China in recent years. It is also why the college alongside Zhuoyue Education Group seeks to bring “International education” into the Henan province.

The Future

In order to solve the problem of insufficiency and lack of high-quality advanced educational resources, the Chinese government seeks to improve the level of existing universities and increase the quota of international students while encouraging foreign high-level universities to collaborate with local schools in order to setup a presence in China. Through Sino-foreign cooperation in China, the regional or local school will be able to both initiate corresponding supportive policies in order to garner and ensure success. At the present, there are currently 9 internationally prestigious branches of international universities that have been built or is being built in China, these include Nottingham University, Liverpool University, New York University, Duke University, Kean University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, the Israel Institute of Technology, and Moscow State University .

In 2016, in order to meet the requirements of economic construction and social development, the Henan provincial government of central China wanted to develop higher international education in the region. It was made clear that a high-level university with independent legal qualification should be co-built and setup by Chinese and International universities through partnership as soon as possible. By setting up an internationalized school in the region, higher levels of education will no longer be out of reach, and the high demand of 100 million locals that wants to gain top-notch education can then be granted.