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About Xinlian College

A College of New Knowledge

Xinlian College of Henan Normal University was established in 2003 under Henan Normal University. With the new educational legislation of 2008, the college officially became independently managed and has been jointly operated by ZhuoYue Education Group, the board of directors, and Henan University. The goal was to enable flexibility towards innovative educational models while still adhering to high-standards nationally. The college grants a variety of higher education discipline qualifications such as Bachelor Degrees and diplomas that are approved and certified by the Ministry of Education in China.

The word “Xin” stands for “new or freshness” in English, while “Lian” means to “bridge or connect”, hence the name “Xinlian”, to “Bridge New Knowledge”.

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Our Vision

Under the leadership of the school council and board, the school emphasizes a motto of “individual character, self-reliance, personal responsibility and social dedication. Teaching standards are set quite high with cultivation and high-end hands-on learning as key. The college, while giving full consideration to the practicality of economic development and human resources encourages “teaching knowledge by example while enjoying learning through action and practice”.

“Student-centered learning is a core value Xinlian college strives for in every day teaching”.

Regional Location

zhengzhou henan province business district

The downtown business district of Zhengzhou city, Henan, China

Located in the Longzihu (Dragon’s lake) University-town of Zhengzhou City, urban centre capital of Henan Province in central China, our school occupies a land of 640,700 ㎡(7-million SQFT) with a total construction area of 640,000 ㎡. There are over 2 million books in the library and over 20,711 on-campus students during school hours. Zhengzhou city is the provincial center of local politics, economic development, education, culture, and the high-end businesses in Henan Province. The college was constructed at the “Central China Economic development Zone”, a region that is core to agriculture, Grain Production and transportation. Geographically, it is a land bridge between Asia and Europe where one of the top ten high-end network switching hubs are located in China. Close to the Xinzheng International Airport, and part of the “National Innovation area of sister cities such as Luoyang and Xinxiang”, the region is also famous for being named the “Henan Free Trade Zone” or the “Zhongyuan (Central) Economic Zone”, “Core Area of grain production”, “Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Area”, and the “Zhengzhou-Luoyang-Xinxiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone” where Longzihu (Dragon’s Lake) University Town is also present with great talents. These geographical and regional advantages enabled Xinlian College to have a great campus location with rich resources for long-term school operations while encouraging a graceful and culturally rich environment, uplifting to entrepreneurship and the human spirit.

Henan Province of China

Henan province china mapHenan Province is located directly at the center of China, where the Yellow River passes through its fertile plains, reaching thousands of miles. It is the birthplace of Chinese civilization, and the birthplace of Confucian culture. With 5,000-years of history and formation of a brilliant central plain and rich historic monuments, the province has become the core representation of ancient Chinese civilization. With more than 100 million people in this region as of today, it is regarded as a Grand province for its importance in agricultural and industrial production at the heart of the country. For many years, Henan ranked fifth on the economic GDP scale in all of China.