Algonquin college presents collaborative study program at Xinlian College

Algonquin college presents collaborative study program at Xinlian College

March 30, 2017

On March 29th, Mr. Wang Zhong, Director of International Business Center from Algonquin college Canada alongside Mr. Ernest, Director of International Education came to Xinlian college to present the 3+1 International Cooperation and Exchange program.

Mr. Ernest gave a detailed introduction to the culture and learning environment of the Algonquin college campus. In the process of discussing with teachers and student representatives in our school, Director Wang Zheng of Algonquin College introduced the necessary conditions and advantages of studying abroad. The session focused on the “3 + 1” cooperation model where students in the country were to complete 3 years of undergraduate study locally, then finish their final year in Canada. Upon completion, the graduate will be able to obtain a Canadian Graduate Diploma based on this collaborative model.

This is the second time that the College has visited Xinlian, and the two sides have reached a consensus on international academic exchanges and co-cultivation of graduates. Algonquin College was established in 1967, ranking in the top five of Canadian colleges, they currently have 53180 students, 1000 international students, of which 283 students are from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Algonquin college presents 3+1 model at xinlian college Algonquin college visits xinlian