Recent Provincial and National Strategic Planning towards International Education

Recent Provincial and National Strategic Planning towards International Education

March 9, 2017

With a recent series of national strategic planning and platform towards central provinces in China, the province of Henan has been marked as in urgent need of higher-education not from local sources, but from international resources.

Published in early March of 2017, the provincial government of Henan province proclaimed that: “In the near future, the urgent need for higher education in Henan to provide more powerful intellectual talents is vital!”

Currently, although there are a number of colleges and universities in Henan Province, the number of “higher-education” and “advanced institutes” in the province where new world-class knowledge acquired is still lacking. Representatives of the National People’s Congress of Henan Province Working Committee, and Provincial People’s Federation Chairman Wang Pengjie suggested that the next step towards introduction of a world-class university is a must needed step towards the future of the province in the knowledge economy.

“We are happy to help schools as well as their international partners in forming and delivering world-class university based education in the province.”

Wang Pengjie said that the introduction of world-class universities in Henan would also require supporting policies in the province, such as land grant to provide convenience. At the same time, introduction of world-class universities are granted support and incentives in construction and long-term operations. “In the future, GDP should not be the only representation of a province, but also the presence of soft power, especially education.” If these world-class universities in Henan establish overseas campus/schools, local colleges and universities will be able to learn from the international well-known university management system in order to promote modern education that can prompt competition towards higher education.

“The introduction of world-class universities in Henan is not only to build overseas schools, but also to promote the development of many industries in the heart of China.”

Wang Pengjie said that after the construction of these colleges and universities in Henan, foreign investment and foreign students or cultural exchange will be of great importance. “At the same time, this will also promote all kinds of international academic conferences settled in Zhengzhou, from the world famous experts and scholars, as well as related high-end talents that will be able to do lectures or share their scientific research while participating in academic forums.

wangpenjie henan provincial official visit of xinlian college

Xinlian College’s staff, chair, and Mr. Wang Pengjie and his staff from the National People’s Congress of Henan Province Working Committee & Provincial People’s Federation


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